Up all night with mixed metaphors and misplaced memories


SmokeAndAngerSeething ball of want and wet gunpowder, struggling to explode

Eyes full of smoke and anger

If you convince yourself you believe something,
does that make it true?

It does if you tell yourself it does. At least until you decide to believe something different.

Staring at the ceiling through liquified lead
Drowning in frustration and possibility
mind pushed beneath the waves

That sinking feeling is the weight of everything you’ve assimilated since the day you were born, filtered through the net of self-doubt and
self-delusion. Anchoring you to the bottom, flooding the lungs.

It hurts like hell until you finally decide to let go and exhale.

Rising to the surface, you remember the message you promised yourself
never to forget:

Nothing will ever leave you unless you let it.

Your fuse will never catch fire unless you light it.

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