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Note To Self

This time of year, it can be enlightening to assess where you’ve been compared to where you are now, to see whether things are moving in the right direction. Looking back at where I was before I began painting in February of 2014, I find it hard to even comprehend how much has transformed. I

What I Want For X-Mas

I want to convey thoughts and feelings and ideas and impressions that are so new and bright and bold that the words to describe them haven’t been invented yet. I want to paint paintings that have never been imagined by any other human being before, including myself. I want to never settle for the current

Flags Across America

Dateline December 15, 2043 — Flags across America fly at 1/3 mast today after the terrorist bombing of a raptor center specializing in rehabilitating and rewilding aboriginal birds, which, prior to the international referendum on Animal Slavery of 2019, had been referred to as “pets.” This vicious and senseless act of violence resulted in the

What are you practicing?

Generally speaking, people get better at what they practice. Right now, every single person on planet Earth is practicing living. If you practice being open and adventurous, you will get better at it. If you practice staying the same, then you will get better at that. The more you practice doing what you’re currently doing,


I am holding a carpenter’s measuring tape, trying to measure a snake coming out of a hole at the base of a large clump of willows. It winds its way around the trunk, a slick black coil glittering like motor oil behind a chartreuse veil of swaying branches. The measuring tape is stiff and sharp-edged,