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You are what you believe. Fortunately you can change that.

Believing is easy. So is disbelieving things that don’t fit your current paradigm or worldview. However, unbelieving something you currently believe in is much, much harder. Unbelieving goes far beyond disbelief — it’s letting go of a belief so completely that it no longer affects the way you think or see things. It requires a


The entire thrust of the Scientific/Industrial/Technocratic Revolution has been an attempt to fully, definitively and permanently eliminate mystery from human existence. But the effort has not removed mystery; it has only been successful in removing humanity’s tolerance for it. Mystery, by its very nature, is ineffable and unquantifiable. Yet it does exist, and persists despite

Things I used to know…

I used to know a gal who worked as a collection agent and she was about the nicest, friendliest person you could ever talk to. She told me that her favorite thing to do at her job was to get somebody to cry. She said it sounded like money in the bank. I used to