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Painting Without Limits

What is painting without limits? Exploring the unknown, the undiscovered, the unrepressed. Exposing the imagery of the mind, the visions that do not have a place in this world. Expanding the physical space of this reality into the infinitely larger space of imagination. Divining the soul. Saturating the canvas with feelings and sensations. Or covering

A Very Good Place.

Today is a good day. I hope it is for you as well. Yesterday, however, was a 24-hour uncertainty fest. One of those days where I feel myself starting to slip. Up until not too long ago, this kind of thing was a stamped ticket to the land of self-recrimination.  It used to be one of

The In Between

I hate the in between times. When I feel like I’m taking step after step after step but not getting anywhere. These are the times where nothing seems to work. I paint garbage and write nonsense and have an itch I can’t pinpoint and have absolutely no idea how to scratch. It’s like I’ve climbed

Night Music

1970 Buick Skylark, Titian red with a black vinyl roof. The cigarette lighter pops. I am on a long haul, night driving, heading out of town. I inhale as the lava hot spiral touches tip, thin paper igniting delicious; blackened edges traveling backwards in time, returning to ash. The windows are open and inviting. Warm