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The Tale Of Fe

Fe was floating. Surrounded by an impenetrable blankness so dense it seemed to obscure even the possibility of light and form. Fe had been alone for a very long while. So long that it could not be measured in time. Was she floating in space, or was she space itself? Was she tiny and finite,

Today Is My First Birthday.

Exactly one year ago today, I picked up a brush for the first time and started to paint. Prior to that moment, I had been existing in a twilight state; present but not fully engaged. It might not seem rational, but by taking that seemingly small step, the permafrost that had encased my soul and

“May the road rise to meet you” and other expressions that seem to be metaphorical but turn out to actually be quite literal.

This morning as I was driving I got the very definite sensation that I was fixed in place and the road was flying toward me. I was cruising along at 70, so I know I wasn’t standing still. But it sure seemed that way. A couple months ago, someone said to me “You’re trying so

This Is Not A Painting.

It is a door. Yesterday it was a window. Tonight a dream gliding effortlessly through concrete. There is no doorknob, no lock, no key. It is open. Someone who looks just like you is waiting on the other side.