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Involuntary Osmosis

August 12, 1972. Two figures make their way through the shopping mall parking lot, a young mother holding the hand of her five-year old daughter, mid-Summer heat rising off the blacktop in stultifying waves as they walk past endless rows of Pontiacs and Buicks and Oldsmobiles. The mother’s fingers are dry and cool despite the


Last night I had bad dreams, anxiety dreams. Charles Manson was living as a squatter in my basement, banging around, causing a ruckus. I had to go down there and tell him to knock it off. He also tried to steal my ipod. ### For years I hitched my untamed horses to someone else’s wagon.

A Very Good Place.

Today is a good day. I hope it is for you as well. Yesterday, however, was a 24-hour uncertainty fest. One of those days where I feel myself starting to slip. Up until not too long ago, this kind of thing was a stamped ticket to the land of self-recrimination.  It used to be one of

“May the road rise to meet you” and other expressions that seem to be metaphorical but turn out to actually be quite literal.

This morning as I was driving I got the very definite sensation that I was fixed in place and the road was flying toward me. I was cruising along at 70, so I know I wasn’t standing still. But it sure seemed that way. A couple months ago, someone said to me “You’re trying so

Beautiful Monday

Have you ever woken up and everything looks different? Not Twilight Zone different, but enhanced. Switched on. Where each object you look at is outlined with a thin hair of black ink with an even thinner white highlight. Crisper than crisp. And the colors sing to you, and the textures hit your eye through a

I am home…perhaps for the first time in my entire existence on planet earth.

Flew out of LAX at midnight, fell asleep as we took off, woke up as we were making our approach to land. I’ve never slept that hard on a plane. As we descended still well before dawn, I watched the lights of the cities and the suburbs flow past, innumerable gold and silver coins lit