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The True Test

If you ever want to see if you can go without support or recognition, try creating something that most people think is pointless, odd or just plain stupid. Keep doing it and see how you feel. Say you want to bake pies. You could choose to bake apple or cherry or pumpkin. More than likely,

Now Is The Same Place As Forever.

Fierce and unrelenting in its blistering ecstasy, the smiling light beams down, bleaching dim beliefs into papery patches that disintegrate into ragged holes bordered by cauterized threads. Ice white diamond intensity blinding the certainty of knowing, breaking apart the conventional conceits, leaving them stumbling and wailing, groping for anything to prevent their disappearing. The light,

Why Abstract?

Before I began to paint, buried underneath loads of compensating bullshit, was the feeling that whatever I might create had no right to exist. It wouldn’t be “good” enough, so what would be the point of creating it? Painting abstract changed all that. For me, it was the key that unlocked all doors. I genuinely

Things I Like To Think About

…What it would sound like to hear every piece of music ever composed since the beginning of time all played simultaneously. Picturing far, far distances in my mind…really trying to get the space of it. Feeling the vast emptiness between stars, between solar systems. That kind of thing. Creating mental images as big as planets

Out Of Context

The table, which at first had seemed round, is now long and rectangular. A conference table. I am alone, waiting. I have a folder filled with ideas to present. A man enters, I shake his hand. We sit, the room bathed in uncomfortable silence. He is waiting for me to speak. I reach for my