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Notes From The Place Of Forgetting

You are standing in a hotel room. You have been here before, you feel it. But there is no memory, only the vaguest impression, the shadow of a shadow. You look around, searching for clues as to why you are here. Something, anything that tells you how you ended up in this place. The room

Formidably Hideous

This painting was an experiment. Everyone who’s seen it thinks it’s ugly. A few have come right out and said so, bypassing diplomacy altogether. Even when someone tries to go the polite route, I can tell by their reaction. There’s a sort of flinch. A mental recoiling backwards. I call that a success. There’s something

The Last Dream Before Waking

Against infinite black sky, giant discs grind dust into reality, rotating backwards through eternity. They are massive, ominous; set up sequentially in a continuous line spanning the entire distance of the universe, streaking red and cobalt blue and ice white shards of light, shrieking cold friction shattering the darkness. Flowing into the machine is the

Beautiful Monday

Have you ever woken up and everything looks different? Not Twilight Zone different, but enhanced. Switched on. Where each object you look at is outlined with a thin hair of black ink with an even thinner white highlight. Crisper than crisp. And the colors sing to you, and the textures hit your eye through a

What If

I was talking to someone about the very early work of Picasso, who was as highly skilled as a Renaissance master by the age of 20. My friend remarked, “Most artists spend their life trying to master realism. Picasso had already done it. So where do you go from there?” Where DO you go once

I am home…perhaps for the first time in my entire existence on planet earth.

Flew out of LAX at midnight, fell asleep as we took off, woke up as we were making our approach to land. I’ve never slept that hard on a plane. As we descended still well before dawn, I watched the lights of the cities and the suburbs flow past, innumerable gold and silver coins lit