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Fear Is A Liar

Yes, sometimes it offers useful information like “Hey dummy, get away from the edge of that cliff” or “It’s a bad idea to pet that black mamba.” But beyond that, fear spends most of its time talking smack. It says things like “You can’t do it.” “You will fail.” “Everyone will laugh at you.” “You

You Look In The Mirror

You wake one morning and look in the mirror. In it, you see another face staring back at you, a reflection of yourself so vast and radiant that it is unrecognizable. A sight of such profound magnitude that it paralyzes you to the core. You have seen the one thing that is real in an


I recently painted this portrait of my daughter. As a 20 year old, my daughter is figuring things out. She is a natural artist; infinitely talented and incredibly perceptive. The world is a difficult place for sensitive, creative people. I’ve watched as my daughter has struggled, painfully at times, to find her place in that