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Black and Blue

Up, down, awake in bed The waterfall’s there just turn your head Blink, blank, eyes are blind Better not think or you’ll lose your mind Click, clash, the joke is seen Elevator’s stalled on the mezzanine Glow, glide, don’t try to hide Wait too long and your soul will die Sink, swim, time is dead

something somewhere someday…

Full of snarling want, tamed to soft weeping under my pillow. Sleep for one hundred years if you must, but be sure to be packed and ready for when you awake! ### The clock strikes like a viper. Time to jump. How to do it? By leaping blindly into the no idea. All you need

Exiting The Black Hole

I realize you might be wondering why I continue to write these little messages beaming them blindly into the nowhere for mostly no one but I don’t really care about that I do it because I have made a decision that whether anyone sees them or not or thinks they’re valuable or not it wouldn’t