You are righter than you know if you would only stop to listen to yourself.


RockinghorseIISitting and staring
overwhelmed with misdirected trying

Dry and deflating
just like before

No longer walking

Eyes closing to revisit eternities spent dreaming that you were awake

And then

Possibilities appear in unknown languages
unlocking doors to unimagined places

Adventures unfurl like majestic banners
proclaiming freedom

No longer walking

Eyes opening to envision the life you could be leading

Waving away the mist to uncover unconscious
and unacknowledged desires

Undoing the damage of overlooked opportunities
and unmade plans

The point is

To remind yourself that you are the one
you have been waiting for

And to never forget that things
can turn on a dime.

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  1. Fantastic journey thanks.

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