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Terraforming A Planet At 3am

Jets of colored energy fly off my left hand onto yesterday’s mistakes. Inhaling nitrous spitting magma, I build up speed and careen dastardly over the bleeding edge. Opulence arrives bearing gifts of deity Moonbeam yellow wanders elliptical Soot-encrusted aluminum Airborne at last I languidly devour the sky.

The World Is A Safer Place Today

When I fly, I always opt out of the scanner. I realize that the opt out process is intentionally designed to be egregious and invasive and humiliating in order to herd everyone through the scanner. Which is why I go with the pat down. But this isn’t a piece about the dangers of millimeter waves;

A Reflection Of One’s Own Making

In the dark before dawning I awoke after making the trip down from the high point beyond the Northernmost lights in the sky above the sky behind the sky. Sweeping my trajectory Westward I soared incandescently across broken glass cities and fields billowing with lipsticked petals and glittering redrock roads, biding my time reading pages