What I Want For X-Mas


DestroyAllMonstersI want to convey thoughts and feelings and ideas and impressions that are so new and bright and bold that the words to describe them haven’t been invented yet.

I want to paint paintings that have never been imagined by any other human being before, including myself.

I want to never settle for the current conditions just because that’s the way things are.

I want to live up to my full potential so I can do my part in creating new ways that things could be.

I want to wake up every day so excited and energized that I jump out of bed exploding with enthusiasm to discover what I will create today.

I want to transform the things that hold me back into the things that propel me forward.

I want to be able to decide to walk through walls.

That’s what I desire.

…How’s that for a list, Santa? Got any of that in your bag of tricks?


I didn’t think so.

My list may sound audacious, but what I’m really talking about is the desire for freedom, and that’s not something that can be given anyway.

In fact, it is ONLY and ALWAYS and ALREADY within each one of us.

Freedom is the unshakeable conviction in the infinite power and creativity of the Self. And once it’s embraced with courage and passion, everything changes.

While the trials and tribulations and oppression and nonsense of this insane place won’t disappear, they will no longer have anything to grab onto. You will remain intact no matter what.

True freedom takes you from being down in it, to being able to do something about it.

You become able to imagine new ways of being for your self and the planet. And when you put the product of your creative efforts out there for others to see and draw insight and inspiration from, it shows people the possibilities for their own situations. That’s how things begin to change.

No matter what the external landscape looks like, or what new horrors the world throws our way, when you become free, and act on it by standing for what you know is true, your shining light destroys all monsters.

I am quite serious when I say that I intend to get every single item on my list. Maybe not in this lifetime, but I’m working on it. Either way, I certainly don’t plan to sit around waiting for them to be dropped down my chimney by some creep in a red suit who was invented as a way to control my behavior and keep me toeing the line.

I am no longer willing to be cowed by bullies, let alone mythological ones.

So go ahead, Santa, delete my address from your contacts. I’m familiar with your ilk, and I’m not interested or impressed. Besides, I’m tired of minding my manners and sitting quietly with my hands folded in my lap. It never did me any good anyway.

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