Mutiny Of The Courageous


QueSeraOur brilliance staunchly shackled doused and welded to the rudder
Sailing wayward bent and listing

We stagger off the gangplank through the alleys and the gutters
Gently broken in our sorrows

Our lost tomorrows

It’s not easy

No, not so easy

Bearing burdens of our longings without mention without question
Just the echo of a whisper

To heed the calling of the seabirds and the seabreeze and the stories
Of the old forsaken seaways

While we slumber

Oh how we hunger

Braving strafing burned and battered by the forces of the blackness
Our essence not forgotten

With unseen stars to guide us we march skyward facing forward
Holding lanterns lit and shining

Shadows gutted

Souls unplundered

Stunned with wonder

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