Six Dozen Lipstick Roses


LipstickRosesCrawling vertiginous up the side of the mountain
Following the trail of breadcrumbs
Working the night to raise the deadened

Blistering avalanche out of the cave of nowhere
Flies sliding skyward eating gravity

Black blooded anvils pound righteous fists against the tyranny of time

Water wets itself
Air inhales itself
Fire immolates itself

Drinking the soft spun shimmering of the million color midnight sky
Razing the scarred battlements of hard ridden horses
Driving the spike in the eye of the unimaginable

The armor peels away like the skin of a grape
The flesh pressed to release the nectar of eternity

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  1. Wonderful painting with its multiple layers of color, line, and space, a perfect intro to a powerful poem with its evocative journey of imagery and allusion.

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