A Call To Arms For Weary Travelers


CallingAllDreamersCalling all catapult dreamers
Calling all moonrise wanderers
Calling all hopscotch thinkers
Calling all watershed wonderers

Calling all sublimated poets
Calling all emptied vessels
Calling all impaled diviners
Calling all unsung imaginers

Calling all discouraged investigators
Calling all stifled adventurers
Calling all unheard agitators
Calling all clandestine warriors

Excavate the subterranean talents
Escape from bottomless never

Climb the mountains of your own making
to fill the space within that longs to be filled with new spaces

Eat the apple of your desire

Walking away from yesterday
Step lightly into infinity

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  1. Brenda Litman
    July 29, 2015 at 9:32 am // Reply

    I love it all – the terrific, exuberant, layered painting and the poetry. I love the cadence of the poem, the message it sends, and even its visual layout. I love it all!

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