When I look at this, I see a mirror.


cropped-6.jpgIt is my self-portrait.

Six pieces of paper painted separately and joined with masking tape to make a whole.

All of my paintings are my self portrait.

When I have 20 or 30 of them hanging on the wall, I feel that I am seeing my mind. The mind beneath the mind that navigates through the world and processes what it encounters.

Each time I put paint to paper, that “mind beneath mind” flows out into this reality. Every thought, every dream, every impression, every feeling coalesces at the tip of the brush and reveals itself in shape and line in two dimensions.

My mind does not look like this world.

Looking at the paintings of others, I see their minds as well. Some are instantly graspable. Others hold secrets that cannot be discovered if you stared at them for a million lifetimes.

There is information and experience and emotion to be gained from both, but I prefer to look at the paintings that don’t reveal themselves so easily.

These are the paintings that speak to me, mind to mind.

They show me things I had never imagined. Things that have never existed. They show me not just what is possible, but what is impossible.

What I love about art, and abstract art in particular, is that if you let it, it will show you something beyond the brushstrokes…a glimpse of something new that you have never experienced before. Something that inspires you to envision the potential of something more.

Once you see that potential, you will start to see EVERYTHING else differently.

And then if you let yourself, you will do something about it.

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  1. I absolutely love these.

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