The Compound Eye Of The Infinite Mind


thecompoundeyeof-the-infinitemindLay me down on a mossy hilltop
Dark sky my blue dress floating across the pale

star soaked, defiant

Watching the moon wax and wane over your shoulder for eternity

wondering where you are
what you are doing
whom you are loving
when you are coming

All the while
holding you close

holding my breath for the final eclipse

And there we wait connected
until the two of us return

Released at last
to fill the sky with our gold


  1. Complex image, thought…beautiful!

  2. Beautiful poem, infinite in scope, wonderful!
    I love the painting too, and its title ties the two together despite their very different feel, the painting more tightly grounded to the mossy hilltop, the poetry soaring way beyond to the glittering heavens above.

  3. Beautiful.

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