The Other Day Spoke To Me


Head full of why I want, completely awake the entire dream. Too many
things have happened in pieces to keep it from overwhelming me.

Over the years, this and that. A toaster. An ashtray. The miniscule ego in a file on the shelf in the office when I had needed to fill it and didn’t happen to have anything better.

Creation all used up. Blind in my magnificence I put it away and

Divided ice insulated under endless black wait.

On the morning after not sure what, I built visions around what I was
seeing and the rock began to pool.

About the sky was solid cloud, white lightning igniting the distance
rolling with thunder over the feeling to reach farther across the

Images painting freedom flowing electric aquamarine honey,
memories of the feeling cry I want so much.

Severed the many walking homeward,
breathing liquid ecstasy.

Spotlights shatter through pinpricks. Ice flaking off into moist atmosphere.

Hot blood stirs beneath ashen decay.

A talented child, I awoke calm and smooth as a cool pane of glass.

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  1. Brenda Litman
    March 24, 2015 at 5:53 am // Reply

    I love your last sentence, “A talented child, I awoke calm and smooth as a cool pane of glass.” – beautiful!

    And I love the experimentation with media, texture, shape, color , and open spaces in the new painting i- I’ll look forward to seeing it next time we meet along with everything else you are doing! Very interesting and full of life!

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