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Painting Without Limits

What is painting without limits? Exploring the unknown, the undiscovered, the unrepressed. Exposing the imagery of the mind, the visions that do not have a place in this world. Expanding the physical space of this reality into the infinitely larger space of imagination. Divining the soul. Saturating the canvas with feelings and sensations. Or covering

Now Is The Same Place As Forever.

Fierce and unrelenting in its blistering ecstasy, the smiling light beams down, bleaching dim beliefs into papery patches that disintegrate into ragged holes bordered by cauterized threads. Ice white diamond intensity blinding the certainty of knowing, breaking apart the conventional conceits, leaving them stumbling and wailing, groping for anything to prevent their disappearing. The light,

I am home…perhaps for the first time in my entire existence on planet earth.

Flew out of LAX at midnight, fell asleep as we took off, woke up as we were making our approach to land. I’ve never slept that hard on a plane. As we descended still well before dawn, I watched the lights of the cities and the suburbs flow past, innumerable gold and silver coins lit

Why am I here?

A good question. A person can spend incalculable hours marinating in it, searching for meaning, trying to divine an answer. But as compelling as that question may be, it eventually becomes apparent that the better one is: What now? When I decided to stop asking myself the first question and focus on the second, my