The Pandemic


NothingPersonalThe following rogue transmission was psychically intercepted from our sister dimension, Lassiter 2.700005.B.///.6:a. We are unclear as to the exact planet of origin or timeframe in which these events occurred…

The PAV-4 virus began as a simple infection of the eye and/or ear. The initial symptoms were nothing the populace hadn’t experienced with other infectious agents, in fact, they were as common as an ordinary cold.

But this time we were told it was different.

Unlike previous PAV infections which tended to be seasonal and mild, the PAV-4 variant was said to take root deep in the brain stem, blossoming into an orgy of infection that left its victims drooling, debilitated, and ultimately, dead.

We were told the proof was in the scans…medical imaging was widely disseminated showing frontal lobes turned to mush, the limbic system shredded, the entire surface of the grey matter pitted and plastered with hard sticky plaques and spiky occlusions.

Official experts claimed the PAV-4 virus was novel; a new strain never before seen, leaping across species, impossible to have seen coming, a freak of nature. Others claimed it was artificially created…souped up in the lab, spliced, patented, planned, steered and released with intent to deliver maximum damage. People lined up on all sides of the issue in a war of opposing theories as to its origins, severity and potential for destruction.

Regardless of position or opinion, the events continued to unfold.

The infection took off faster in certain circles. The most vulnerable were the first to fall.

At first, it seemed that the primary target were those who were frail, weakened by underlying illnesses, or living in the close quarters of nursing facilities. A higher than average percentage of the aged and infirm quickly succumbed to something that for the bulk of the population was mild and recoverable.

This had been the typical pattern of previous seasonal PAV outbreaks. There was no reason to expect PAV-4 to be any different.

But soon it was reported that younger, healthier people were being taken into the virus’ deadly grasp. Individual, isolated cases were pointed to as a warning of the imminent threat to all. As it expanded outward from its original source the implication was that the virus was becoming more virulent…aggressively seeking out new victims, entering through unprotected eyes and ears and burrowing directly into the brain.

The public was told repeatedly from all official sources that the contagion would not stop until it had infiltrated everyone on the planet. Worst case scenarios were presented as inevitable without immediate unprecedented intervention and sweeping new powers.

Thus came the response, fueled by panic, conjecture, rumor, expediency, political posturing and misinformation. Shortages, lockdown, quarantine. Troops, travel bans, arrests.

The spread of PAV-4 was quelled, but the devastation was just beginning.

Only in hindsight have our researchers been able to correctly identify the true nature of this epidemic.

While the virus was admittedly (and tragically) dangerous to some, it was the authoritarian response that initiated the Great Fall and pushed our civilization into decades of tyranny, suffering and oppression.

The loss of life attributed to the virus paled in comparison to the consequences to humanity as a whole, as all 10 billion of our inhabitants lost their freedoms…not only during the crisis, but in perpetuity, as the damage done to our institutions, economies and democracy was irreparable.

With the benefit of perspective, we now see that many of the symptoms attributed to PAV-4 were exacerbated or even caused by the panic itself, which initiated a cascade of damaging biochemical events in the body due to stress, sudden poverty, lack, uncertainty and terror. Weakening the immune system and expanding the scope of the suffering.

Our researchers have not yet been able to ascertain the exact nature of the virus. But we have determined that the epidemic was not novel. Transmitted by sound and sight and words and images and pheromones and energy from person to person, it was as old as time.

The true pandemic was fear.

The PAV-4 virus killed many of our beloved people. But it was the associated fear that killed our freedom, independence, sovereignty and hope.

And for that, we who are here to look back upon this dreadful period, are still in mourning.

### End of Transmission ###

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