Painting Without Limits


TheGeometryofDreamsWhat is painting without limits?

Exploring the unknown, the undiscovered, the unrepressed.

Exposing the imagery of the mind, the visions that do not have a place in this world.

Expanding the physical space of this reality into the infinitely larger space of imagination.

Divining the soul.

Saturating the canvas with feelings and sensations. Or covering it with nothing but shape and line and color and letting the feelings and sensations create themselves.

Not being afraid to break the rules. Not being afraid to break your own rules.

Seeing what can be made without judgment, restriction or comparisons.
Shaking off the crushing pressure to create for others instead of for one’s self.

Stretching the definitions of what is pleasing, attractive and appealing. Making room for the ugly, the awkward, the uncomposed and the wrong, and then finding something powerful and beautiful within it.

A process of endless experimentation.

Painting in whatever way and at whatever level of skill you are capable of at this moment without the expectation that you should be any better than you are, yet trusting that you are indeed making progress.

The freedom to love what you create.

The freedom to see what you see, and let others see what they see.

The freedom to be you. No matter what anyone else thinks about that.

It’s about expressing the power of the self.

…This is what painting has shown me. This is what I’m shooting for.      
This is why I paint the way I do.


  1. Roxanne Richards
    May 26, 2015 at 8:20 am // Reply

    All my hopes so eloquently stated….

  2. Brenda Litman
    May 25, 2015 at 3:19 pm // Reply

    “A process of endless experimentation” . . .of expressing the “power of self”- wonderful thoughts on the journey we take with our painting. You say it so well.

    Lynn Gray who taught at the U once said, “Art is serious play”, and that is so true. He also said it well.

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